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Recorded on Aug 30, 2013
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Model Name: Natalie Cream
Category: Blondes
Length: 3:25
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Description: Stranger: mm okayrnrnYou: ok what?rnrnStranger: is it bad if i just straivht up say thag im hornyrnStranger: thTrnStranger: thatrnrnYou: nope not at all ;)rnrnStranger: ohhhh ok ;) goood.rnrnYou: so what do u have in mind?rnrnStranger: anythinggg. i wanna talk dirty :rnStranger: ;)rnrnYou: ok thenrnYou: do u have any fantasies? ;)rnrnStranger: 8rnStranger: my bad. it doesnt matter reallyrnrnYou: so do u want to just start?rnrnStranger: i mean sure haha you can go first, youre in charge ;)rnrnYou: ok. i grab u and kiss you passionatelyrnYou: touching you all overrnrnStranger: mm id like fhatrnStranger: thatrnrnYou: i then start to kiss your neckrnYou: and take off your shirtrnYou: then i start massaging your breastsrnrnStranger: i have big boobs too ;) 32D.rnrnYou: and unbuckle your brarnYou: mm i love big boobs ;)rnrnStranger: well ive got em ;)rnrnYou: i start playing with them and go down to suck on your nipplernYou: i get it all hard and wet and then i go to the otherrnYou: then i lie u down and kiss u lower and lowerrnrnStranger: mmmrnrnYou: i take off your pantsrnYou: and then your undewearrnYou: and i start licking and kissing around your gorgeous pussyrnrnStranger: mmmm i wanna be so wetrnrnYou: mmm i love that pussyrnYou: then i start licking on itrnYou: slowlyrnYou: tasting itrnYou: mmm the smell and taste is so arousing babernrnStranger: come and get i the.rnStranger: it then. ;) and mmm baby.rnrnYou: mmm i lick and suck your clitrnYou: your pussy is leakingrnYou: and i drink it allrnYou: wanna get me ready babe? ;)rnrnStranger: mmm yeah babyrnStranger: im gonna push you over on the bed and start kissing yournrnYou: mmrnrnStranger: and then we start making out really hard and i move down to your neckrnStranger: im kissing it slowy arnrnYou: mmmrnrnStranger: slowly and biting it gentlyrnrnYou: i love a woman in control ;)rnrnStranger: ohhhhh okay ;) and then ill move hard to your absrnrnYou: mmmmrnrnStranger: ill rub then with my hands and start to kiss thsmrnStranger: them too and lick them up and downrnrnYou: you make me shiver babernrnStranger: thats a good thing babyrnStranger: and then im kissing down fartherrnStranger: and rubbing fartherrnrnYou: mmmm getting closer ;)rnrnStranger: when i get to your big dick and im going to start licking itrnrnYou: got i love thatrnYou: it makes my cock twitchrnrnStranger: start on the end and tease you ;) ill put part of it in my mouth and swirl my tounge all aroundrnrnYou: mmm god i love that suck me babernrnStranger: and then put all of it in my mouth and suck it so damn hardrnrnYou: mmm blow me babernYou: suck my cum outrnrnStranger: yes sirrrr. im keepin on sucking it and youll feel your dick all the way down my throatrnrnYou: god i love deepthroatrnYou: but can u get all 7.5 inches? ;)rnrnStranger: i can try to ;)rnrnYou: mmm beautiful! looking me in the eyes while blowing me is so fucking hotrnYou: im gonna cum babe. where do u want it? ;)rnrnStranger: i willll babyrnrnYou: mm where should i shoot?rnrnStranger: hmmmrnrnYou: do u wanna swallow?rnYou: i wont go flaccid i promise u that ;)rnrnStranger: how bout you do it on my boobs and my mouth so i can swallow some and there still be more ;)rnrnYou: mmmm id love that babernYou: u like being a dirty girl dont u? ;)rnrnStranger: mmm i wohld too ;)rnStranger: yessss babyrnrnYou: mmm i cum a huge load on those big gorgeous titsrnYou: suck my cock and clean it babernrnStranger: mmm then you can watch me lick it off my own boobs if ylu wangrnStranger: want***rnrnYou: only if u look me in the eye while u do it ;)rnrnStranger: ill do anything you want ;)rnrnYou: mm your my little slut arent u?rnrnStranger: hell yeah babyrnrnYou: i wanna lick u again babernYou: licking u makes me so fucking hardrnrnStranger: it makes me so fucking wetttt mmmmrnrnYou: i lie u down and start licking your pussy againrnYou: i lick it rough and hardrnrnStranger: just how i like if


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