Jazmyn X strips with dirty talk!

Recorded on Apr 19, 2012
Video information
Model Name: Jazmyn X
Category: Strip-tease
Length: 3:13
Views: 2,507
Reviews: 8 reviews
Description: A naughty little strip tease and some dirty talk, plus my me fingering my pussy.


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Video Reviews

Theo - Jul 9, 2022
Honestly, I would be happy if all she would let me do is lick her asshole. I'd even do it straight after she's gone for a shit and let her smear her dirty ass all over my face! I would lie there any enjoy it while I stroke my hard cock - after she's finished on my face she could sit on it and get her lovely shit all over it before sucking it off and french kissing me. Hot af
Theo - Jun 29, 2022
It was my new year's resolution never to watch this again. I've done really well holding out, but in doing so it's driven me crazy and I need to get my release now.
Theo - Aug 5, 2021
Can't believe I made it thru over a month without wanking myself silly over these Jazmyn vids. I couldn't hold out any longer< my balls are like watermelons and I can't wait till she makes me cum again.
Theo loves Jazmyn - Jul 2, 2021
She genuinely looks impressed at 01:44 when she sees his big hard cock - I bet she would really love to suck it, and to have it inside her.
Theo N - Jun 27, 2021
When she sits down at 0:34, she accidently exposes her breasts which she was trying to keep hidden - the right one even pokes out of her top for a while after, it's so fuckin hot grrr
Tiny Timothy - Apr 12, 2021
her voice turns me on so much
Theo - Nov 3, 2020
She has a really alluring look. I love how she starts licking and kissing the screen at 01:22 - I was imagining french kissing those hot lips.
tinytim168 - Feb 5, 2013
so sexy, i cum so much watching this

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