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Age: 39

Last Online: February 25, 2024

Languages: English

Location: deep inside my sex cave

Likes: I like all kinds of things! I enjoy being submissive and taking directions! I love for guys to watch me touch myself and I love for them to see me cum.and I can squirt!! I love that I'm am so petite and have been blessed with natural 30 DDD's!! I like to look you in the eye so you can see how much I enjoy it.because I know it's naughty!! I also luv to chat!

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bttp: There is no one better and more gorgeous

Tomboy22: So sexy and beautiful!

BigLatinoECock: Met her 6 years ago omg till this day I still play with her can’t get enough of her especially her feet

cuckold: I was fortunate to discover Charlie over six years ago. She has the most creative and kinky mind on the Internet. She will find your buttons and push them so that you will become hopelessly addicted to her. But there is no better addiction than Charlie. She transcends sex and fantasies, she gets to something primordial in your psyche. Skip therapy and discover Charlie. The best cam girl in the universe.

Toma99: Charlie is the amazing! She's drop dead gorgeous, and every second is fantastic! The absolute best!

GreenLink99: So much fun in PVT! Made me cum so hard! She's a gem!

Tall-Sexy-Older-Man: Sexy, Amazing, Hot as hell.. dont even cover this lady... She is amazing, she is sweet and funny and such a personality in free but get her in pvt and hold onto to your hats... This pocket rocket will tear you up and spit you out.. she is amazing hot as hell. She has such a wicked imagination and if you dont get off then by all that is holy, you need to see a shrink because your dead from the eyes down. She is the sexiest, fun kind and caring woman I have seen in a long long time.. Its a good job there is a time difference between us as I would be beating a path to her door.. You wont get enough of her she is a proper pocket rocket who will explode, leaving you exhausted but still wanting more... truly addictive.

playfullyfun: Charlie is the absolute best! I’ve always found that she is not only a wonderful lover, but also a fantastic friend. And for me, playing with a beautiful friend is my favorite turn on! Especially when she understands me and knows what buttons to push. Thanks for the great time, Charlie! You are the absolute best!

some_grandpa73: U made my day snorkel do u do any sights that I can communixate with u all the time

Shaun988: Amazingly beautiful and awesome pvt

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