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Age: 43

Last Online: November 12, 2014

Languages: English

Location: Toronto, Canada

Likes: What turns Vixanna Velvet on? Well, I guess I should start out by saying there are some layers to my sexuality, and I do try to refrain from being labeled, or put into some form of 'box', because, as I always say, I find that sort of approach very limiting, but sometimes necessary. So, here goes, with the best description I can possibly share.some are sexual, and some are not directly related to sex at all, but to the core of the individual himself (I do play with women as well, but I will use the masculine reference throughout for sake of ease). I can get really turned on by a person's creativity, and intellect. I love people who are marching to the beat of their own drum, or marching in a completely different world altogether. I adore a great sense of humor, and really love to be around someone who can not only laugh in the world, but laugh at himself, as well. Something I find amazingly sexy about another person is his confidence. I find confidence (NOT egotistical) to be such a turn on for me. If I can offer any unsolicited advice, to anyone who might be reading my bio page, when you believe, yourself, first hand, that you a very sexy person, and I am most certain you are, there is absolutely no difficulty, whatsoever, in convincing others the same. It is in the way someone walks, and carries oneself. It's that comfort in one's own skin- possibly directly related to loving oneself. Something else I find myself really turned on by is a person's etiquette, charm, and respect for others. I do so appreciate 'Old School' etiquette. I am a very independent, liberated woman, but fuck I love to have that door held open for me, and I will not even begin to lie about it. That alone, does something for me. I will say, it must be a very confusing time to be a man!Now, for some of the specific things that get me turned on during sex.In case you have not been in my Chat Room before, I am a very intense, passionate, and sensual woman- a Scorpio to boot! I move in a very sensual, erotic way, which in itself alone, can get me damned fucking turned on. I am also a very artistic and sensual dancer (not employed as a stripper). When I am with someone else, who matches me in intensity, or enthusiasm, or sensuality- that is a massive turn on. We ALL want to be wanted. When I am with someone else, and there is no question in my mind, whatsoever, that the person I am with, is there 100%, that is mind blowing for me! I have been fortunate enough to enjoy this sort of high not only in Private, but also in my Chat Room.Specifics.well, I just LOVE sucking cock! Usually it takes only about three seconds or so, after I am going down on a man, before I have to start masturbating myself during the process! The best way to do this, of course, is to just start grinding myself into whatever part of his leg that is available- the shin is usually what I get, and I don't typically complain, because it is nice and hard! I LOVE being slapped in the face with a hard cock, and fucking just love it when a man can get the momentum going with a good cock slap on my outstretched tongue. Let me keep going here.I love being pinned down during sex, where I can feel the 'weight of a man' on top of me. I love having my hair pulled during sex. I love being bitten, especially between the shoulders, along my back, and on my neck. I FUCKING LOVE hands around my neck- in case you have not noticed. Sometimes I am really in the mood for a good caress of my body, and yes, please slow down and take the time to be very nurturing and sensual, and please do 'make love to me', but, on others, slam me to the bed and hardcore porno fuck me as rough as you can.pretty please, and I am not above begging, pleading, moaning, and screaming for it. Favorite position- I like to ride and grind it, and you can probably find me in this ideal position, within my Chat Room, for as much as 15% of the time! I am most happy to show you what that looks like. Don't be afraid to ask. Now, as I mentioned before, I do like playing with women, too. I will be honest here, and say that my preference with women is to have another man there, too- not to hold my hand, or anything of sorts. It is just that I really prefer that dynamic- two women and one man, and when I am in that mood, I like sucking hard nipples, and eating pussy as well. I have always been VERY dominate when I play with other women, but occasionally, I meet another woman who can turn me on in a way, that makes me want to play on equal ground. I guess because I identify most as being 'straight', when I play with another woman, I am most turned on in the scene, if both of us are into the other man. So, if you have gotten this far along in the read, I guess I could say in closing, yeah, I have totally found myself rolling around in bed, having a damn fucking good time with someone, whom others may judge to not be my equal in terms of appearance. Alternatively, I have fucked 'eye candy', many times! The point I am trying to get across is that sometimes I am just 'eye candy' motivated, and that is what I want at the moment.someone really easy on the eyes. However, where I am at this point in my life, I try to look at the entire picture, and look beyond some of the superficial aspects we can sometimes stumble over, and really look deeply into that person- into that person's soul.

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humble_al: Today was a very special day because I had the honor of worshiping Divine Goddess Mistress Vixanna Velvet. Goddess owns my sensual soul and I long to be naked at her feet as she takes her valuable time forcing me to accept pain as the only real pleasure that will please my Mistress. My training sessions have made me a slave to Divine Goddess as i work to accept pain as my only path to pleasurable release. Thank You, Divine Mistress. I accept that I am Your sensual slave property....

Devil4You: Hot and amazing! She does know hot to please.

hecobp: I love busty tatted redheads, where have you been my whole life honey? ;)~

mrnewyork: Ms. Vix is the most adorable woman I have every payed eyes on. She has perfection on every curve of her sexy body and her face makes me melt in purrrrfection. This is the goddess everyone wishes and begs to have

mrnewyork: Ms. Vix is the most adorable woman I have every payed eyes on. She has perfection on every curve of her sexy body and her face makes me melt in purrrrfection. This is the goddess everyone wishes and begs to have

humble_al: Superior Divine Mistress Vixanna Velvet took total sensual control during my last two training sessions. Mistress has formally collared me so that now her pleasure is my pain and any pleasure Mistress Velvet allows me is based on my pain. Thank You Superior Diviine Mistress for giving my life focus.......longing for more......please please Mistress please find some time to take me further down your dark path. You know what is best for me, Alina......

humble_al: Divine Mistress Vixanna Velvet ordered me into two privates on January 14th that rocked my sensual world. I wish to publicly thank Her for taking some of Her valuable time to teach me some of Her needs and what is expected of me to please Her. After her demanding training sessions I am deeper into my submission and my only sensual desire now is to please my Divine Mistress. Thank You......Your sensual property, slave al

humble_al: Divine Mistress Vixanna Velvet: Thank You for taking me in hand and ordering me to please You through pain. You understand that I wish to please You so You order me to feel pain and guide me to receive more intense pain. I am beginning to understand that to serve Your needs best I must become a better and better pain slut. Divine Mistress You make me serve Your needs by turning me into Your pain slut. My sensual world revolves around Your needs as I struggle to submit and learn that more pain is more pleasure. After our first private training session on the 14th I stayed in your public room for a long time until You ordered me back into private and You became very very powerful over me......Thank You for taking me......Your weak slave al and making me desire much more training....Please Divine Mistress Vixanna Velvet....please continue to use me for Your needs..... XXXXX slave al

snakeshift: amazing woman, she had an intelligent and very dirty mind and always know how to pleasure both you and herself at the same time. very positive and sexy with all those perfect curves

hecobp: I love your red hair, huge boobs and hot bod hun :)

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