Viv Hollywood's Profile

Age: 21

Last Online: February 26, 2012

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: California

Likes: "Everyone's just laughing at me. I hate it. Big breasts, big, big deal. Can't I be anything else? Gee, how long can you be sexy?" - Marilyn MonroeI'm 20, into music, 420, comedies, and playing with my pit bull pups.

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pkjazz: I've actually known Viv for a while but always tried to keep my cool, finally about a year ago I told her all of my fantasies about her and how sexy she is. Now I call her master and tell her how I want her to dominate me and how I want to bow down to her and give her money. She's my master and nobody is sexier than her <3

MarginMean45: The last time I jumped on top of Viv with my 320 lb body, I was determined to stay on top of her amazing body. The more I am with Viv, the more I want her. I have been on her for 72 hours straight but I don't even think 72 days straight would be enough. With my 320 lb body firmly planted on top of her, she said to me "oxygen". I voice activated my television and put on the Oxygen station

pkjazz: Vivian Hollywood is perfection, she is the sexiest girl ever and everybody should know it.

pkjazz: Words can't describe how amazing Viv is. She's such a sweet person but she is so much sexier and kinkier than any girl I've ever seen. She's basically the perfect balance of kind and sexy, she's absolutely the best. You're amazing Viv <3

MarginMean45: Viv has an incredible body, good looks and a sexy voice. When I first saw her I had an intense lust for her. I jumped on top of her with my 320 lb body and the lust turned into intense ecstasy. I loved her body so much that I was on top of her for a long time. After I got off of her, I felt so much better. But 5 minutes later, I had an intense desire for her and I jumped on top of her again. That time I decided I wasn't going to get off of her.

Lazyman410: This is a girl who is dirty but also very good to talk to. she's sexy as hell. gotta love her

@django: Beautiful girl, great personality! Go check her out :)

PANTA1th: I think we have a winner with this new addition to flirt. If you have eyes you already know what the next few lines would have been about so i'll skip ahead. Nice firendly down to earth personaliity she will be up at the top of the list very soon. Be nice to her and she will be EXTRA nice to you (wink wink). PS-- please if ur a douche dont spoil it for the rest of us!!!

Keyshawn: Holly Berry doesnt have shit in Ms. Hollywood. Seductive tropical with a exotic twist like no othere. Going private is a must!! WOWWWWW!!!

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