Travis Deland & Dexter Davis's Profile

Age: 21

Last Online: December 21, 2014

Languages: English

Location: Georgia

Likes: We LOVE to show our friends a good time to whatever extent that we can! We enjoy talking dirty to you boys while we tantalize you-each passing second in our room hotter than the next.We always try to keep our audience engaged and actively participating by encouraging everyone to talk, whether it be asking questions, making suggestions, or carrying casual conversation. DO NOT BE SHY in our room ;) We want to create a positive, enjoyable environment in which everyone can contribute to the action!

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ravenstefano: When it comes to the best homoerotic show on the net from a couple of straight guys, this is the room for you!!! I have seen them with ups & downs, but the ups are really high! Travis & Dexter are great friends. I have seen them do some things that they previously said were personal barriers for them. The last party chat I participated in was almost too hard for words to explain, it was practically the temperature of the sun! They sat on their bed across from one another & had a nice sword fight. Which is something they never did before. Before that they were as close as they could get to having sex without having sex. These guys are deserving of winning the f4f contests they enter as all models do. Their shower show was the hottest thing I have seen in a very long time & these guys are straight, but they are the gayest straight guys I have ever known. Go spend your time & credits with them.

calif3051: Possibly the hottest party ever!!! They were both naked and sword fighting and not with swords!! So hot!! They are both so hot , gorgeous and so nice!!!!They are both hot alone and so scorching together!! Especially naked and even with some contact!!! YOu need to get to their room before you miss out!! YoU will love them and NEVER want to leave!! I promise you this!!!SO HOT !! PROMISE!!!!

sneakerpig: super hot show, super hot guys, an honor to worship at your feet

calif3051: Another hot party chat with Travis and Dexter!!! THey showed all and there is so much to see!! !T hey are so hot and gorgeous separately!!! YOu will love them!!!!They are even hotter together, so check them out and you will never leave the room till they do!!! YOU will be so happy to have met them!! I promise you this!!!

calif3051: WOW!! !THese guys are both hot separately and even hotter together!!They are straight and will only do so much!! HOwever the view is so hot!! BOth are gorgeous and so hot!!! THey are both large when naked and have just the right amount of hair in the right places!! They are so nice also!! yOu will really love them and will never want to leave their room!! YOu should get to their room now or sooner if possible!!!YOu will be so happy you did!!!

Romeoslover: These two are on fire together. They seem to get gayer and gayer each time I see them and I am alright with it. I love thier comfort level with each other, it is totally hot.

cec1234: These two you men are quite fun to hang out with. They are open minded straight guys who do not mind the attention and flirtation they receive from the gay men in their room. Despite the fact that they are straight they are sensual and very libidinous. The show great restraint when people repeatedly ask them to interact sexually after they have made it clear numerous times they will not, never becoming angry. Travis and Dexter are great fun.

zyxwv098: Two very handsome, very sexy young men. They have their boundaries and lines they will not cross, but what they do within those limitations is incredible. They are patient with members who refuse to accept that they are straight, despite repeated requests to do things with and to each other, proving that they have great personalities as well as great bodies. And they do a great job of proving that a duo account doesn't have to do sexual things together to put on some of the hottest shows on the site.

littlejack: 2 absolutely sexy straight guys. They must be close friends as they are totally natural being naked and hard sat close together. No touching each other though. Dexter has a huge cut cock he declares 6 inches but it looks nearer 10 inches. He has a sexy bum with lovely hair and has sexy hairy pits. When he cum there was loads of thick creamy cum that covered his abs. Travis has a beautiful cut cock, not as big as Dexters but still big. He has a sexy bush of pubes and a cute smooth bum. His pits are so sexy with nice thick hair. He also has an interesting tattoo on his leg.

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