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beserker: lets just say sex incarnate.

ftjm00: Without a doubt THE best. Stunning, smart, funny, fun, giving, easy to relate to. Did I mention hotter than the sun? Eyes, smile, body, an ass to kill for. If I could give her a constellation of stars I would. Five is just not enough!

sweetchilli: Hours past like minutes in her room, just wish minutes in private went for hours. Sexy, Sassy and seductive. Words don't do Roxie justice so you should take her private and find out for yourself. Your only regret will be when you see how large your credit card bill is as once is never enough.

Huskies691: Very sexy and very hot show...

chubs93: Absolutely stunning!

I_Want_You_And_Her: I signed up because Roxie said she would try and do a show with one of the hottest models here if i did. i cant wait. Roxie is beautiful with the most amazing eyes.

cthulu: Roxie McKay knows the deadly Chinese art of Dim Mak. She is made entirely out of boron and cesium. She has vagina dentata but has to wear a retainer. She once beat up a hippopotamus for being too hungry of a hippo. She knows only two skills: murder and badminton. She was an emcee at the intercontinental beard and moustache championship. Her fetishes are so obscure they involve objects that don't exist and colors that cannot be seen. She breeds weasels in her spare time, for food. She developed telekinesis at age four but decided it was too wimpy of a skill. She fears direct sunlight, garlic and crosses, not because she is a vampire but because of a traumatic summer in Italy. Her pogo stick has stiletto heels. She can tie a cherry step in a knot with her tongue and a cherry tree in a knot with one roundhouse kick. Roxie McKay was born in the silts of a primordial sea and only emerges to kick ass and return to the Marianas Trench from whence she spawned. Roxie McKay is the object of adulation by several Polynesian cargo cults. Behold. The power of Roxie McKay.

sweetchilli: The more time I spend with this girl the better she gets. so sexy and sweet.

rusyt: Awsome, and looks like Jennifer Connolly too! lol

_zer0: Stunning!

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