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dallasbb: What a hot Brazilian body.

Jerry0: Patrick is so hot I can't begin to tell you how hot he is I wnat more pvts with him wow

XXXHung: Been a member of this site forever. However, this was my first time with Patrick. He is absolutely the best model on this site! I'll tell you exactly why...he is incredibly handsome, hot body and cock, and sexy like you won't believe...on top of all of that...he is extremely considerate. (He really is a nice guy even though he is sexy as hell!) Take him to a pvt. If you do, I promise you not a credit of yours will be wasted...not a minute of time! His sexual energy is a phenomenon and the best part about it...his sexual energy is contageous! It's worth taking him to pvt just to hear his sensual voice...but so much more will happen. I witnessed an eruption of cum like I've never seen! Patrick is a treasure who represents perfection...that awesome combination of a handsome face, inviting eyes, awesome smile, a perfectly chisled body, a great cock, and sexual energy that I guarantee will leave you thinking about him after you hit "end show" and leave you longing to see him again. You're gonna find a new favorite in me...try him out today!!

Jerry0: Patrick is a great guy you won't be disappointed if you take him pvt he will give you a great time I want more pvt with him for sure bravo!!!

Jerry0: I truely enjoyed my pvt with Patrick He is an outstanig man and a pleasure to be with . I will look forward to many more pvts with him. He is honest and down to earth and such a pleasant guy to be with I miss him already

suckah: If you have become acquainted with me in online chat here, or even in real life, then you are fully aware of my strong attraction and love of Latino men. I cannot explain it so well with my words; but, simply put, Latino men are the most handsome sexy sensual and erotic men on Earth. I can only surmise it is their physical nature; and, it is as natural to them, as the hot blood which flows through their veins. Over the past few years, more and more Latin men have become models here on F4F; and i have had the pleasure of making shows with a great majority of them. However, until just recently, i have never met a man-- any man-- any model, who can hold a candle to Sir Sexxxy-- Patrick Amorin. What can be said about this gorgeous man that is not fully in view with his photos? In my opinion, he is the classic Latino Man-- flawlessly handsome face, dark entrancing eyes, sweet sexy smile-- and the coup de gras-- an amazing taut muscular physique. But, what is even more wonderful, Patrick is the most sweet-natured and caring model i've met. He truly endeavors in totally pleasing and pleasuring each individual pvt. show customer. Once you are alone in pvt. with him, it is as if you are both stranded on a desert island and his sole focus is on you. I know it may sound cliche or passe; but, without a doubt, Patrick is every gay man's ideal and perfect dream man cum to life. Thanks again my dear sweet man. It is a honor and pleasure in meeting you; and i hope we will become better acquainted as the days pass. Welcome on F4F; and Thank You for sharing yourself with us and in sharing our desires and pleasures.

Jerry0: Patrick is a very hot model I want more pvts with him

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