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Age: 29

Last Online: December 15, 2011

Languages: English

Location: Savannah, Ga

Likes: Who says Blondes have more fun? : Alone in my apartment, dancing dirty in my tiny pink panties, bra-less in a tight T shirt until the thump of the music and the thrust of my hips lead me to make naughty use of the detachable shower head. This is Saturday night. This is Nikki Kinkaid. But don't be fooled by the cute exterior. No, I'm not the girl your parents warned you about. I'm the one they never saw coming. The girl who, if she catches you staring, will not coyly turn away and giggle, but who'll shoot you a come and get me glance that will dare you to keep your rock hard d*ck in your pants. I'm the secretary who noticed her boss trying to keep his eyes off her cleavage one day, and came in, bra-less in a tight, nipple hugging polo the next. I wanted to make him lose control. Submit, not in words, but with a direct eye contact that would confess all of his taboo desires for me and just before he could open his mouth to make a pass, I return his stare with a smirk that says, I win. I have exposed the very nature of you: A horny heat seeker who wants to f*ck just as bad as I do. Every encounter is an opportunity to find out what his buttons are, how to make him loosen his tie, so to speak. My face, my eyes, and my body can be equalizers in any power dynamic; My sex is a Humbler of men. I do it not for the trip, but for the pleasure of getting down to the nitty gritty of what makes a man tick, so that I can show him that I'm just as dirty and depraved underneath.

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