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Nially: perfect show, worth buying time for!

r2guy: Melissa is INCREDIBLE. Very friendly in open chat. Gorgeous body especially those amazing legs, and her voice, it is mesmerizing. In pvt she is even more beautiful and the voice even more seductive. I could listen to her for hours. I will be back in her pvt room again. Thanks Melissa

harly78: gorgeous, sweet, naughty and smokin body, and that voice, whoa! the best!! as long as melissa is here ill be usin my minutes in ONE room ;)

brstlovrmd: Sexy voice, sensous face and smoking hot! Had a great, great time during my private!

Mercutio60: Sweet, sexy, naughty, and nice. An angel with an identity crisis :)

DonRho: Wow. The best. So hot my computer burned out in the middle. She has everything and uses it well. Cannot stop thinking about how sexy it was.

BPlovesya: Been on this site awhile. I gotta say, this girl should always be in pvt. Just incredibly sexy in a way words can't describe.

bildo2: hot hot hot

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