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Age: 32

Last Online: October 22, 2016

Languages: English


Likes: I like to be your friend, your free-time buddy, your wild fantasy, your passion, your hot sex, your dream, your everything in one package. I like strong-minded people with manners, respect and nice sense of humour. I like sex, chatting, traveling and make new friends. Don't miss a chance to get to know me better privately.

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masoniteunc: Leoboy is a hot stud with nice uncut cock

Chilligan: Leoboy is one of the best performers who can put on a spectacular show that is something to see.

luvdante: Leoboy does excellent shows for me every time I get on this website. I appreciate his handsome looks his great charm and every ounce of sex appeal. Thank you for many years to come Leoboy, Love Todd

MOSTWANTED0203: I am a total fan. Really nice HOT body and handsome face to match. He's a star

NickCastle: Wow...does this guy ever have a hot body! In private, I loved hearing his sexy voice also. Yes, he is sexy just lying still, but in private his appeal is incredible!

cute40: A great model. Very good looking and friendly and funny.

Studjockboy25: Leo's photos show off his amazingly fit body...stopping by his room was the best thing I ever did

youngtwinkxxx: Hottest model on here; never been attracted to such a hot guy. His muscles are a massive turn-on!

visa39: HOT, HOT man, you can bounce a quarter of his ass! My private time, worth every minute.

hot.va.stud: Other members have asked me about my attraction to & appreciation for LEO; and today i'd like to answer a few of those questions. Question 1: Why do you have a great attraction to LEO? Answer: I can only answer this question by asking-- why is someone attracted to a certain painting; a certain statue or piece of art; or to a song or piece of music? Because, somewhere in the depth of your body-- your mind & your soul, you realize a masterpiece when you see or hear it. I can only say, the very moment i met LEO for the first time, i knew i was looking upon a masterpiece of human flesh & spirit; and, since that night, my attraction continues to grow deeper & stronger each passing day. Question 2: Why do you have such a strong appreciation for LEO? Answer: Although, i freely admit, as a gay man, i have normal sexual deisres & dreams; my appreciation for LEO extends more than the superficial aspects of his appearance & physique. I also have an equal appreciation for his intelligence, his humor & wit, and his personality & style. If you allow yourself the honor & pleasure, get to know LEO on a more personal basis & you'll soon develop the same sense of appreciation & respect that i (and many others as well) have developed over the years. Question 3: What makes LEO stand out as compared to other models working on the internet? What makes him so special? Answer: Again, that is a subjective question; so, my answer will only be my opinion-- you can give any weight to it you wish. As is fairly obvious for all to see, LEO is indeed a very handsome man. If you've been in pvt. with him, you've also come to realize he is a very genuine, down-to-earth, sweet & caring man. He truly strives to give each and every pvt. show participant the best of his abilities & capabilities. He does not play games & he does waste a customers time by playing games with the clock. Whether you spend 5 mins. or you spend 30. mins. in pvt show, LEO will give you his full attention for every second of time. He is honest man-- if he makes a promise about performing in pvt. show-- he will surely deliver on that promise. He realizes his reputation is of ut-most importance-- so you'll never have to worry about his honesty. He is also a caring & sweet man. He treats each pvt. show participant with equal appreciation & respect; and, as i've discovered over the years, you become more than model & customer-- you become a valued friend. With my job, i don't have much opportunity to come online to see LEO; but, when that opportunity does i arise, i cherish them more deeply. Question 4: This is the question i'm asked most frequently-- so that's why i saved it for last. Why spend money to go in pvt. show & not ask the model to get naked or perform sexually? Once again, this is a subjective question & my opinion is my own. As stated before, i am a gay man who has normal sexual desires & dreams. I freely admit i have a great attraction to LEO's amazing body-- in my opinion, he's the most beautiful man i've ever seen. But, i also have a great respect for the hard work & dedication it took for LEO to attain his magnificent physique-- and also for what it takes to maintain his muscular perfection. I have had the honor of many pleasuable moments by observing LEO in sexual performance-- usually i request flexing & posing; and then for physical stimulation culminating in ejaculation. But, as stated before, i don't have the chance to come online as much as i'd prefer; and sometimes, in certain moments & moods, i'm equally satisfied to have a simple & personal conversation with LEO. As a matter of fact, in our last shows, we had a conversation in the first show; and in the second show, we also chatted & he flexed and posed for me. In summary, i guess there's only 1 way for you to develop an appreciation & respect for LEO; and that's to take him in pvt. show & to begin to truly know the man sitting in front of the video camera. If you do, then & only then, will you begin to fully realize why LEO is the special & unique man he is.

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