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footrubber: I miss ya hon!! PLease come back!! Krysalis was always the sweet and kind chat hostess with the mostest :D

jackit1129: I would suck Kiwi from her ass she is the best

The_Real_Justin_Sydu: This girl is AMAZING!!! I've decided....She's my favorite girl on this site. And I think the sexiest. So charming, fun, Sexy As Hell, and Beautiful inside and out. Take her private, cause she Soooo wants to get Freaky!!! She loves it!!

PhilerUp: Had a great show with Krysalis, definitly a treat, if your looking for a flilthy good time she is the right choice.

Tony_Stark_: Great Eyes! Great Lips! Great Voice! She is Awesome!

Mr._Loads: I only leave reviews for the absolute best. To date, this is my third review. Krysalis is beautiful to look at and has a body built for pleasure. What you need to know is that in pvt, she is very open to your kinks, those small things that can make a show really great. This woman is very smart, communicates perfectly, has a great sense of humor and truly loves getting down. She's got some kinks herslf and u can push some buttons and watch her go...Do yrself a favor and get a show, really. Do it!

RalfHart: Fuck yeah!

RalfHart: Great 50's style Pin-up girl who is all about clASS! Ever wanted the girl in the poster to come to life and walk over to you, lick her lips, smile sweetly, drop to her knees and suck your cock. Then when you are rock hard have her stand up, bend over and with that look back stare say 'Please Sir Fuck my Ass'. Careful what you wish for because Krysalis is going to give it to you. xoxo.

AussieLover: A curvy vixen with top class hard body. Krtsalis is really an erotic starlet. Top class - She looks like a female super hero all dressed up tight and fucked like a Superwoman. She loves Anal sex, wet sloppy cock sucking and really lets loose. She is a little smart ass with a real smart ass as she works out at the gym every day. Imagine that....Hard ass fucking a top class wh0re. She always uses audio in free chat so go check her out - you will be glad you did. Take care and beware.

BIGRUFF717: guys this girl here is a great girl. i go in to say hi and it's always great to talk to her when i get the chance. i personally haven't taken her private yet, but i think it'll be a treat if i get the chance. pop in and say hi sometime, she really likes it :)

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