Keiko Mulligan's Profile

Age: 39

Last Online: December 2, 2014

Languages: English

Location: California

Likes: I like information. It's kind of a fetish. I was working in tech but then I got too sexy for my shoes. And my shirt.

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slave_john: Goddess Kieko, divine feet, penetrating mind, once you submit, you are trapped in Kieko land forever

hornybrad111: keiko just scored thru the roof..i didn't believe she could get any better..BUT SHE DID..she is the best..a "30" out of a possible "5"

hornybrad111: this is actually a "25" out of "5" review..keiko has a "magic" about her that entrances her guest and makes reality out of make believe..15 minutes with kieko is like a lifetime with someone you have known all your live..that is a magical gift..thankyou

hornybrad111: this may be getting repetitive ...keiko is about as perfect as a girl can get ..she listens to you and makes you feel like you are very important..she pleases you and does everything your fantasy girl needs to do to make you feel like the single most important man in her life..she is more real than the most real woman in the real world..she is a "20" in a world of "5";s

CleavageLvr: Love chatting and staring at Keiko. Tonight she wore the sexy cleavage revealing bra and panties under an office outfit!

hornybrad111: keiko is now a "20" out of a possible "5"..i spent last nite with her and the time went by so fast it was over much too soon..this is a very special anyone could wish in a woman..real or fantasy..and she seems very real to me

hornybrad111: still a "15" in my book..keiko makes you feel like she is the only woman in the world..and she satisfies you as if you are the only man in the world for her...i can't get enough of her

mcityline: I chatted with a new model Keiko. She was very warm friendly and had a smile to warm your heart. You might say " I am here as a sex site". Well she has that too. She had a torn t-shirt that large beautiful breast kept spilling out of it. The time with her made me very happy.

hornybrad111: on a scale of 1 to 10..this sexy and gorgeous lady is a a fantasy world filled with sexy ladies keiko outshines them all and makes her fantasy world come to life and makes you feel that she is really there and with you..

hornybrad111: actually a "10" star..keiko is the lady of my dreams..and i have very big dreams..she is every mans fantasy.. sexy...funny...beautiful....and makes you feel special and that she is speaking and reacting only to you..

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