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Age: 26

Last Online: May 12, 2010

Languages: English, French


Likes: Hard cock, Heels, Stockings, Expensive linegrie, Toys, Chatting, Playing, Having fun, Goofy guys, Toys, Girls, Sunny weather, Good perfume, Dirty talk, Silly jokes, SEX and MUSIC, Hugs, Deep kisses, Hair pulling... Older guys(!!!)

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akafloyd: So I finally took Kayden to pvt tonight... mmmmmmm WOW!!! Why did I wait so long??? No matter we all make mistakes so I'm going to tell you to look no further... Dont make the same mistakes that I have... Kayden has an amazing body, beautiful eyes and the list goes on... Muah thanks Kayden Isabella

skikki: best ever

Kinky_Fuck: Kayden is a very versatile model. I believe myself to be a discerning and even demading client at times. Kayden is a pleasure to spend time with and has a relaxed personality and confidence well beyond her years. Beautiful, smart, personable...

akafloyd: Super Hot!!! Love the squirting:) Have a great night!

warmachine: An amazing young woman, a fantasy come to life, I cannot say enough. After years of being a patron of this site, she is the first young lady that fulfills EVERYTHING even the most demanding man could desire. She is too good for this line of work, but I'm selfish and hopes that she hangs out on the site for a long time!

ArockJ: I just had my first show with Kayden. I must say she is so wonderful. She has the sexiest voice and body. Such a treat to have spent time with her.

MAXIMILL: Hey Kayden All i want to say that you are one amazing woman. I am not just talking about your looks but your personality. Thanks for being so welcoming and sweet. Max

JohnJohn87: Thank you for that amazing private, Kayden..

Aether: .... more ppl are enjoin the sound off the moutharp in Europs street today, as in the past 9 years! C.K.

Trojan949: Kayden just rocks. Total fucking babe. Mind-shattering orgasms with her. She could become addictive like crack. Not that I use crack, but I have heard.

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