Josephine X's Profile

Age: 32

Last Online: April 7, 2013

Languages: English

Location: Secret :)

Likes: I adore Sexy Talk, Anticipation and... Sexual Tension [;)] I enjoy my long showers, candles and aromatic oils, red wine sipped from glasses or....don't you prefer to drink it directly from my body ???[:)] I am sure you can turn me on easily if you know how to use your tongue on my special places...I can enjoy everything and anything....wild and slow , rough or sensual as long as we both reach the highest pleasures .... kisses [:)] Experiment me, try me if you wish you discover yourself while you are discovering myself too... Letís try new things ...This way I can be all that you want me to be.... I like to Challenge ,Tease and Puzzle men !!! I can be your "sweet" girlfriend, shy angel with an impressive collection of underwear ,high heels and a unique sexual attitude !!! Or a demanding Mistress!!! Being your Mistress I am severe, strict and tough, resolute and persuasive, sadistic, sweet, teasing, mean, always in control, but also comprehensive, careful and responsible, and surely refined and creative !!! Those who lack respect or good manners and those who dare to challenge me, or who are rebellious and show recalcitrance, I will with great pleasure subject to severe methods of punishment and correction.

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footrubber: Intelligence is a rare find in any one these days. This site, yet again, got it perfect with Josephine!! :)

spidermonkey: Time Spent: 10mins Description: Slim, attractive and personable. It was Friday and licktickle felt like hugging a cam girl. I was surfing the Internet when my eye fell upon the lovely lines of a certain sexy Josephine. She looked as cute as a baby giraffe. Teasing is her game. She wore black holdups, high heels and and short sexy dress. If I had a tail I would wag it.

colyngw239: Like most things in life, if you want the very best you have to work for it. Guys, this lady demands your time and attention. As they say the best things come to those who wait. Be patient and well mannered and you shall get the rewards. If you want cheap and nasty then look elsewhere. She's beautiful, classy, intelligent, sultry and above all sofisticated. I only wish I could see her in person so I could thank her properly. Stay safe J xxx

colyngw239: A proper lady. Classy. Treat her with respect. Thanks for a sweet time sugar

SpeedRacr: She is as sexy as I have ever seen! I have had many great times in pvt with Josephine X. She really knows what sexy is. She left me wanting more....much more. Unbelievable. :)

Moraelin: Beyond compare is how i would describe Josephine - intelligent, sensual, alluring, witty, fiery tempered, amazing!. I have never encountered a more intoxicating woman and wish i could get to know her in real life. Absolutely fabulous. XXX

Anonymous User: She is a very attractive, intelligent lady, with a great sense of humor.I f you treat her with respect and have some intelligence , you can have a good time with her. However if you don't , be prepared, she is not afraid to tell it as it is. you will not be welcome in her room. Her choice is not to get naked in prvt. so be aware of that:)

st3alth: This girl is amazing. Very classy and very intelligent.

beastdemp: she is the best. she had me brainwashed to be her slave immediately. there is no way to resist her power

onthebutton: Josephine is great. She is intelligent and sexy and it was a great private. :)

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