John Q's Profile

Age: 34

Last Online: June 29, 2014

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: buenos aires

Likes: i like all that turns u on---specially when you make me feel yours alone

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bottom359: check out his VOD dated 10/10/10. its hot, and im the robbie hes talking with.

bottom359: he is one hot dude in every sense. wish he would cum back. last saw him 10/10/10. want to be with him again.

bottom359: juan is a really good person. dont know why he left but his vods with me r popular. he is a great showman. check out his vod library and large photos of himself. wish he was back.

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bottom359: john is such an empathitic soul, love him. he is always there to fullfill my desires. doesn't miss appointments. he really treats his friends with kindness. wish the other models were so inclined, but money seems to be their driving force, they r missing out on some really satisfying relationships. it goes back to the golden rule, "treat others as you would want to be treated". john is golden.

bottom359: just was pvt with john. it is soo good, he is so attentive at fullfulling my desires. aside from his good looks, killer bod and great voice and eyes, he is one reputable model who is in this biz for the love of it and not just out to just make a few pesos. he is the best model on this site.

bottom359: my pvt with john was so hot. he is so hot and caring, those eyes, balls, that cock, body, face, voice. we understand each other so well. he does all that is asked and wants me to be fulfilled (with cum of course, im a bottom after all). luv my time with him, wish i could afford more. he is the best here.

bottom359: john is so tender and loving. we have a schedule for our rondevious. he loves to fullfill my desires and we treat each other lovingly. not so much a porn relationship as mutual respect. we'll be back at 3pm (NY time) sunday april 11th. join us for a hot show.

bottom359: this pvt may have been our best yet! he is so sensual and responsive to all my desires. he is my fantasy sex partner. we share a bond and luv that is addictive. he is not a user, nor am i, we respect each other and treat each other as we would want to be treated. wish i had more money to see him in person!

bottom359: what a great pvt today. he is so tender and sees to it that i am well satisfied. a loyal model who has a loyal following, says somthing about internet relationships; treat others as u would want to be treated; and u will be rewarded with a relationship. not just empty sex that makes u feel like u were cheated. now if only us loyal followers could get a "frequent flyer" discount on our credits we could spend more time with our models/lovers.

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