Immanuel A's Profile

Age: 29

Last Online: February 8, 2014

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: south america

Likes: i like play with my big cock i have a big big load i would love shoot

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bestguy1: What a pleasure to see have talk to Immanuel A. again. I am the happiest man alive. He looks so wonderful and handsome and sexy and beautiful and everything you always expect him to be and more, muchmore. Thank you my sexy friend.

bestguy1: Although we just talked, and cleared up some misunderstandings that were not either of our faults (or anyone's on purpose), I found a deeper trust and friendship in Immanuel A.. There aren't enough stars to appropriately rate this model, performer (person/MAN), because he transcends the vehicle of model into a human being and fully integrates with who he is in contact with. Sexy...ABSOLUETLY, HOT....There is NO DOUBT, GORGEOUS...NO Question. But, spend just a little time with him and be perfectly honest and truly you and you will be AMAZED at WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAMERA!!!!! IMMANUEL A. That's who.....I dare you!

bestguy1: Yes you all know this man keeps my cock hard OMG! Just look at him. He's what any cock would want and has to have. He's a man's body's wet DREAM OMG! He's a complete cum show. Just talking to him you can cum in your pants WOW! Thank Immanuel A. for making me always cum in and out of my pants hehehe.

bestguy1: My baby Immanuel A. is HOT, SEXY and everything a man could want. Thank you my friend for your cock, cum, smile, conversation and you being you. You are so yummmmmmmmmy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

bestguy1: I know everyone is tired of me posting about this model, but I don't care. He's the HOTTEST, SEXEST, most GORGEOUS Man on this site to me. And he give the best show and is such a Wonderful man. Talk about DELICIOUS MEN. Just take a show with him....I dare you and tell me he's not the best EVER. And his cum mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That cock and body mmmmmmmmmmm. That smile and those eyes mmmmmmmmmmmmm. He's just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

bestguy1: 5 Stars is certainly not enough for this hot and sexy man. I've missed him and was away from the site for over a month from shows, and he was there for me. His smile, re-assurance and giving way just make me feel so special. There is no other model, bar none like Immanuel A.. He is the BEST of the BEST. Thank you sooooooooo much my sweet and sexy MAN.

bestguy1: I grow more in love and respect and admiration for Immanuel A. everytime I'm with him. So DAMN sexy but humble and remarkably kind and sweet. HOT, sexy chest and body. Huge cock and the most lovely smile of any man alive. Those lips OMG.....I could kiss all day. Thank you my friend for always being my friend and being a great MAN.

bestguy1: There is absolutely no model or person on this site now like Immanuel A.. I've posted about others in the past and have meant what I said, but to date Immanuel A. has them all beat....SEXY, HOT, PASSIONATE, FLAWLESSLY HUGE & THICK COCK, CUMS like no other, GREAT PERSONALITY, SWEET and KIND EYES, HOT LIPS, FANTASTIC BODY. Loving just to LOOK at him. That cum mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yummmmmmmy. OMG! LOVE him. hehehehe. Thanks BB.

bestguy1: Deliciously handsome and sexy Immanuel A.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What a man and oh how you cum baby. YUM!!!!!!! Thank you for being so special.

bestguy1: I again just had the most AMAZING show with Immanuel A.. What a wonderful and Absolutely sexy, HOT man. And his cum, OMG!!!!!! WOW. Thank you again my sexy hero for the show and the conversation. Hugs and kisses always.

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