Heidi K & Sean Wadd's Profile

Age: 25

Last Online: June 29, 2012

Languages: English, Spanish

Location: USA

Likes: We enjoy being watched and knowing that others are getting off over us. Teasing, role playing, and absolutely wild sex are some of our favorites.

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tadpole45: really great couple, fun , great attitude , and most of all HOT. i like their willingness to play , indulge , and satisfy . im hooked

seaboat500: Great couple, they enjoy interacting and chatting, while giving one HOT HOT performance, will be a regular visitor ..

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CMT: Such a kind sweet couple!! Friendly and generous with their kindness, laughter and personalities. A definite keeper to get to know. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You will behold beauty with Heidi & Sean

devan1: Sean Wadd has an awesome ass!!!! absolutly perfect round ass...he is hot and sexy in fishnet stockings and happy to spread his ass wide so you can lick and fuck him....he is the hottest guy here..like to see another guy sucking his cock and rimming his ass

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TigerWoodys: New couple . Looks great . No chemistry at all yet . Should be great later

JarmuschFan: ridiculously hot couple and AMAZING performers!! recommend very highly!!

vaIa: Great couple and a lot of fun!

HugeBlkDick: New couple

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