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Age: 34

Last Online: September 9, 2012

Languages: English

Location: wherever

Likes: I like anything that makes me laugh.I LOVE TO LAUGH!Punk music,reading,movies,Billie Holiday on vinyl,running.I have an obsession with good food.I enjoy traveling.Being kissed on the small of my back.I like to Dominate and be Dominated as well.I like my mind fucked as hard as I like my pussy fucked.I like people that don't think being an asshole somehow makes you cool or superior.I still believe elegance and intelligence should be a priority.I BITE.Be WARNED.I'm currently studying Latin.I'm also the biggest Star Wars geek you will ever meet.I enjoy reading just about anything.I enjoy dirty jokes.And most of all,if you took time out to read my Bio,I want to say Thank You,and I am honored.

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Arizona-Dark-Knight: A true and Loyal Friend , full of compassion , understanding and a Warror for the Creative Arts . She awakened a long lost Passion in me for the Arts . Greatess wishes in all that you want in life .

Amanda_Fucking_Palmer: A perfect performer, does all that is asked and then more. Do take her private the experience is so much more fulfilling than freechat could ever be. A vast array of music and knowledge of it; invariably picks the right piece to lead you. Intelligent and energetic an exact template for what all models should desire to become.

jsmac15: I wrote this in the forums and when it was complete I decided it would be a good review "Then there is Eva. She has no pretense, no walls. She is vulnerable from the first second you enter her room. Eva is a sponge, soaking up knowledge where ever it is offered and when she "does her thing" OMG, all of her is there for you to see. Every moan, every quiver, every lightening bolt shooting up and down her body as she cums. She is not putting on a show for you, she cums for herself. Letting you watch is her gift to all of us.

Amanda_Fucking_Palmer: My best friend. A wonderful deep understanding of music, willing, wondrous, a bright bit of intelligence in a dimly lit place. A graceful, beautiful dancer, woman, presence in my life. Fetische I adore your nose girl, it is one of so many things which drew me to you when I first saw your face. Now, it is You that holds me stilled; cautious with wondering; pithed in place. “Throw Away Poetry” for Eva by “PinnedByMind” © Amanda 2012 8/18/2012

Amanda_Fucking_Palmer: A friend, a correspondent, a reader with her own strong interest, one who appreciates the value of a story and the heart behind it. A beautiful woman possessed of gracefulness and seductive powers. Interested in life stories, and having magnificent humor, her presence in my late hours is always a welcome relief from my hidden sorrows. Me lube you big time bb. (kiss)

TheLatinLover666: A very sexy lady who is very cool, and very fun to talk to., I always enjoy talking to her because she has a great personality and is funny, I hope to see you soon eva

SLAVEalan: This woman is a true Goddess in every sense of the word. Not only is She beautiful and dominating, She knows how to please a man. It is the darker side of Goddess Eva that attracts me because i know She can slowly use her intelligence and ways to control my mind, body, spirit, soul, and wallet. And She can and will take me to that dark side. i recommend Eva to every man who wants time with a special woman. She is one of a kind.

Arizona_Dark_Knight: A very Beautiful Lady so full of life and passion and loyalty .

Arizona-Knight: Its a pleasure to chat with Eva Darkness. She understands people and entertains any idea. And she is a very Beautiful and Sexy Lady. Her smile will seduce you .

TIZ: This girl is awesome. Down to earth. Smart, funny, confident. This site is only improved with her on here. Hope she never goes away.

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