Esoterik's Profile

Age: 31

Last Online: July 15, 2010

Languages: English

Location: USA

Likes: Intelligent men and women who know how to have a good time.

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LickaU: Lovely lady Esoterik is having her Birthday Party online with us !!Something is different about her :P

Manic4Manon: THE 1 who makes the world turn and the sun rise

cthulu: Classy yet sinful, Esoterik was cloned from the DNA of notable barbarian chieftains such as Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun and Justin Bieber. She is classically trained in cello and kazoo. Much like the platpus, her nose can be used to detect magnetic fields. Her blood has been proven to cure cancer and athlete's foot. She is incapable of feeling love but instead can feel an emotion somewhere between anger and the taste of cheddar cheese. Esoterik is the real reason why Salman Rushdie is in hiding. Once, while clipping her toenails, Esoterik discovered how to transmute lead to gold. Cats are allergic to HER. She is a twelvth level Voodoo priest. She can play death metal on the harpsichord. Esoterik CAN hug her kids with nuclear arms. She once ate an entire side of beef to win a bet. Esoterik's den of iniquity is made entirely of lego blocks and bean bag chairs. She lost her acupuncturist's license when it turned out she was using meat cleavers instead of needles. Her hair is constantly on fire and is used to summon demons in dark rituals. She once bounced a quarter off her ass; it has left orbit and is somewhere near Jupiter right now. Instead of Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, Esoterik is made of Awesome and Bitchin' and To Hell With Your Kitchen. If you buy a show with Esoterik, you will develop psychic powers and hair where there was none before. Esoterik. The other other white meat.

skoorcevol: i love you, and your giant breasts. ;) xoxoxo <3 MUAH!!!

davi11: number 1 the hottest one i would marry that girl and be happy forever lol kiss esoterik

Camper-man: Wet, wild, nasty, and a great fuck in pvt.

master69714: Shes amazing. probably the best private show i ever had she has an amazing body and beautiful breasts!

stiffknight63: The Lady is limber and can ROCK your world. she has a great set of breasts & a hot body

yobgod: ESOTERIK is beyond fucking awesome!

RobbieH: By far one of the best privates that I have ever had. She is fantastic. Really turned me on.

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