Debbie D's Profile

Age: 33

Last Online: July 7, 2011

Languages: English

Location: USA

Likes: Pleasing you and seeing the look of satisfaction. I get totally turned on by knowing I did that to you. The nerdy guy, the shy guy, the guy who knows his business and what he wants. Being spoiled by a guy will get him just about anything he wants.....

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Adam_Smith: Please come back, Deb. We all miss you. I hope you are happy now, whatever you are doing.

jayman77: Debbie is and will always be a special woman to me. Yes she is sexy. Her sex appeal may not be obvious to the casual observer who is looking for supermodel looks and fake tits, but Deb oozes sex appeal in spades. She is always polite and welcoming, even when she probably doesn't feel that sexy or social (even Aphrodite had her off days). What made me a regular is Deb herself. I visit her more for her warmth and genuine kindness than a quick "wank" and some moaning. Her room became a place where one could unwind and escape from the pressures of the day. I go private with her more to connect and recharge than for brief titillation/self-gratification. True, Deb is a woman of insatiable appetites. Her orgasms are cosmic events that are awe-inspiring to watch. If there was a orgasmic marathon event--she'd be the world record holder. Just as impressive as her sexual prowess is her sharp wit, stunning intellect and down to earth personality. She uses those talents to disarm even the prickliest of visitors. Deb is an exhibitionist. Don't you have to be to do this? She has an ass that could have been chiseled out of marble, but it is her smile that's infectious. Her laugh could melt the coldest of hearts. It is easy for me to say these things separated from her by wires and distance, but I would dissolve into puddy if I I was in the same room with her--god forbid what would occur if I was fortunate to touch her. I feel lucky that I had the honor to see that smile, hear that laugh, witness the orgasmic fireworks--to spend one minute, let alone several months with the phenomenal woman that is Debbie. She's one of a kind. In a sea of formulaic sluts and eurotrash whores (on this site), she was truly special. Maybe that is why I come on here nearly every night to say good night to her image and rekindle those fond memories I have of this remarkable woman. I haven't found a new model, because no other can compare. You can say I am a sentimental sap. I'm guilty as charged, but as I told Deb once, I only speak the truth. Wherever she is, I hope Deb has found the happiness that she truly deserves, because she was...and will always be a jewel of happiness to me.

luvsWinkies: It has been a while since she has been on here, but those that have had the Deb experience know it is one of a kind. Yes, she has all the special assets that one looks for on here, but I don't stop to see her get naked. Her genuine warmth and good nature is her greatest asset. Her sweet voice and infectious smile make my cares melt away. It is a rarity to find these sorts of attributes in real life, let alone online. Maybe that isn't worth much on a site like this, but she'll always be priceless to me. I hope she keeps smiling wherever she is.

jayman77: She's a pocket rocket and a hellfire in cheekies!

TigerWoodys: Sexy tease that knows how to please

Romanticdave: Debbie is a wonderful, natural person and personality who really wants to have fun with us. she enjoys playing and making us feel good. she will do what she can to please (and she's pretty damn good at it). she is a natural beauty inside and out. kisses to her and i wish i could do the same for her (in person) as she has done for me!

scmetalman: Thanks debbie, was great spending time with you, She is a jewel and much fun to be with.......see you again real soon.......

Manic4Manon: creative , fun , sexy and always loves to cause orgasms for all , including herself

crumpet_lvr: Deb is not one of these bat sh*t crazy eurotrash models. She is genuinely intoxicating. She seduces that large organ between your ears and never seems to let go. All I have to see is that warm smile and I am in heaven. I was smitten at the word hello. Deb is the type of gal that haunts your daydreams. If you want that sort of private experience, then you need to have a session or two (or a gazillion) with Deb.

bushhunter0: I alway's come to see Deb when i'm on line, and she is up. She is easy to chat with, and the trivera game on friday is my high light of the week.

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