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alan4u: If i never meet another person in the world it will be ok. Because I met the only one in the world that matters. Carla u mean so much 2 me and so many others it is indescribable. i am so lucky to have crossed ur path and i do not want to ever leave it. U make me fill like i have never felt before!!! What a wonderful person u r!!! Thank you for being u. It has been six months now since we meet. With every time that we get together it seems that we get closer. I don't know if u feel the same, but i know that is i feel. I don't know what else i can say to you other then I LOVE YOU and I will always have u in my heart. Thank you for being here for me, since I have no one else to care for me. You really don't know what it means to me for u to be a part of me.

YourTeacher: Welcome back again Carla! Thanksgiving came a week early this year with your return! You were SOOOOOOOOO missed and now the best chat room is back and open for fun and business! Welcome back with all your friends Carla! XO

YourTeacher: Saying Welcome Back would never be enough; nor would saying you were missed completely say how much fun it was to have Carla back in her room hosting the best chat room on the site. Time just flies by with her, never a dull moment with Carla, EVER! She is classy, smart, beautiful and just a joy to chat with - the private chats are out of this world amazing also; you take care of her and she will do the same for you. Thank you for being you Carla Lopez!!! XO XO XO

wolfzound: much the beauty, charm of woman, pleasant laugh and her shows are amazing.she is worth the interest.

YourTeacher: No one deserves to be in the Top 20 more than you do Carla. If the list was just based on personality or sense of humor, you would be there. If the Top 20 List was based on making someone feel comfortable in your room like being at your favorite bar with you and all their favorite friends. And oh yeah, if the Top 20 was based on an inner beauty you would be there - it took me this long to fit in that if the Top 20 was just based on physical beauty, you would be there too. Lists are normally for discussion, like in sports or for history to debate; but in this case, you belong on the Top 20 list, PERIOD! All your regular visitors are so happy for you Carla, XO XO!

LickaU: Finally met this ALL Star ESP lady in private after talking many times in Forum and gift sending :) Her beauty speaks for itself as all can see ! Eyes smile and Personality SHINE ))

hrnyoldman: Carla is one of those girls that makes you sigh inside, be excited to be alive and make you feel life is good no matter what your situation is... Then she hits you with her smarts, and then just when you thought things were too serious she makes you laugh your butt off! Truely an amazing individual by any standards. When i think of her i think of neyos independant woman song because she is all that, and still the sweetest down to earth woman you will ever meet.

YourTeacher: Morning, noon, night or late night, whenever you see Carla Lopez working, is a beauty in every sense of the word. She makes you laugh like you never have before & makes you feel like the only person in her room when she talked to you. Show her respect and she will do the same to you. Show her a good time and she will show you a better time. If you are like me and can forgive her taste in an NFL team (what's that smell, oh the Dolphins are playing) then you will have a great time with Carla Lopez.

alan4u: OK it will be 3 months 2morrow. Since I will be out of state on a job, and may not be able to chat with her, I thought i would submit this review. When Carla first started, she was just a new face on this site. A very beautiful, sensual, and mature princess. Since then she has become an elite model on this site. She is continually a top 20 model and this week she will be the model of the week. Well deserved model of the week. She should be model of the year and get paid 4 it. That is not an easy task. There is major competition here. She has been such an bright light in my life since I have know her. I have never been so inspired by someone before. I have worked on several songs now just 4 her and about her. She is such a sweet person 2 talk to and her smile is beyond words to describe it. If u r looking for a free show this is not the place for u. she deserves much better then that. If I could have a perfect person in my life to be my soul mate it would definitely be her. she is a truly remarkable person. Thank u Carla for everything u do and for being someone who cares for me. It means more to me then I think u know!!!

alan4u: After knowing Carla 4 3 months now I can truly say she is the girl of my dreams. She is so sweet and easy 2 talk with. I can spend hours just talking with her. Her smile is amazing and her body is as well. She has become the only lady I spend time with on this site any more. Thank u 4 being u bb. **********

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