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Age: 29

Last Online: August 2, 2009

Languages: English


Likes: Hello guys! Im Baako, tender and naughty girl at the same time. Playful & horny, nice and lovely. Want to get wet for you. But if you tell me any kinky idea, I will adore you! I like all new and exciting!

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kosherguy: she is the best of the best

Jonsen: Baako is an amazing woman. So hot. So sexy. So kinky. So horny and eager to please, she truly enjoys her work. And seeing that makes it that much more exciting for the viewer. Thanks Baako. Anyone looking for an incredible show check this woman out. I know i will again.

mustardmann: easily the sexiest woman alive. so beautiful, such a great person. worth every dollar.

carlusa: To say that she does the best oral shows on this site would be an understatement! This girl can put 99% of Porn Stars to shame!!! She'd make a killing doing movies!

FritztheCat: Baako is the most incredible woman ever on this site. Wow!!

xEbayx: can't get enough of this girl!!!! she is absolutely incredible!!!!

harly78: the best! amazing woman! if she isnt online, im not spending credits

Frenzy87: this babe is totally amazing ........ very nice too

xEbayx: Absolutly incredible! sexy ass hell. and that moan!!! GODDAMN!! definatly my absolute fav

harly78: her voice alone is enough, and sooo hot. hottest on the site for sure! makes ya wish for the next pvt

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