Ashe Maree's Profile

Age: 20

Last Online: April 24, 2012

Languages: English

Location: California

Likes: I'm an avid reader with a wild imagination. I love to roleplay and become different characters. My favorite would probably have to be submissive. I love playing your little slave and calling you master. Outside of this crazy dirty world of flirt, I like to dance, write, and bake. Lets just say, I can get pretty creative with some frosting (; I love to travel but I seldom get the chance. I like to imagine I'm traveling by watching plenty of foreign films and reading books by foreign authors. Fashion is also one of my passions, hence why I have so many outfits on my wishlist (; I love to get creative with clothing.

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Bill43: Ashe Maree is a woman who will consistently surprise you. She has the sweet pretty eyes of a Disney princess, but take a deep look into those eyes, and you'll see things never even hinted at in a G-rated cartoon. Treat her well, and you will greatly rewarded.

mightypycon: Ashe is awesome. She gave a huge epic marathon squirt party tonight, which i swear wore her out. Great show, great interaction with the people in chat and one heck of a hot body

vivivi: enter a room and find a girl with a smokin hot body, and to top it off she has an amazing ability to squirt! you sit down and enjoy the show only to find out not only is she amazing outside but she also has an absolutly amazing personality!

MrAaron: Ashe deserves 41 stars! That's one star for each squirt. This gal squirted 41 times in a row, nonstop; I don't know how she didn't faint from dehydration. Ashe is sweet, smart, and has epic-awesome skills!

TLRawKZ: Beautiful, young, sexi, smart and funny! Oh yes and Au Natural! Jst like moi! Much luv Red! xoxoxxo TL

Luke_L: This girl is drop dead gorgeous! You would think that she couldn't get any hotter, but just talk to her and you will see the sexiest part of her is her brain. I respect and adore Ashe Maree!

RubySkyeLover: Amazing personality, fun chat room, keeps momentum going and knows how to make others smile. =D Love the respect she has for herself and how she stands up for other models. 5stars +5 more in my book!

jr2000: An absolute doll. A real sweetheart, and very easy going. 100% willing to take requests, and she'll pull it off with a svelte body and inherent sensuality that absolutely drove me wild. You have no idea what you'll be missing if you pass on this girl. So do yourself a favor, and see what she has to offer

jasocoo: Awesome....just awesome........

weirdiepwn: Watchin your photos and think Im getting in love with you :(

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