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Age: 35

Last Online: October 7, 2011

Languages: English


Likes: I love to flirt and tease and well anything sexual really. Stripping, fingering, dirty talk (not to be confused with name calling), oral, light spanking and being directed in a private chat. Never know what I might like until I try it. However my top favorite things are rimming and fucking a hot, hungry, tasty hole.

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ricamore: I am very sad as I write this review. October 6th marked Andi Tower's last day on F4F. I didn't have time to buy flowers for funeral--lol. Due to work and personal obligations, Andi will no longer perform on site. He may come back in the future. I want to take time out and personally thank Andi for all those special moments that made the viewers come back week after week. There are only a handful of performers that have that "X" factor and Andi is definitely a part of that category. Andi you will be truly missed by all of us. I wish you luck in everything that you do and I hope you are happy with your new endeavors. You have captured some magical moments on site and I am so honored to have been a part of your life.

Studjockboy25: Simply amazing model

kiawahisland07: Andi puts on an awesome show !

dallasbb: Sexy hair on that body Andi.

ricamore: Thursday was a fun filled evening filled with seduction at its best and included the usual suspects: Mark, Leslie and my tag team partner in crime, Jac. Jac had commented on the night as a hump and grind session and I thought this name was more appropriate since we recently named Thursday night jock strap night. It is official: Thursday is hump and grind night. You can feel the testosterone in the air as all members were in heat and had lust in their hearts for Andi. We all decided to tag team Andi's delicious body and did that ever turn him on to the point that I thought he would cum in open chat.I would not be surprised if everyone milked their "special friend" after last night's soiree. Sexy Andi should definitely be in the top 10% for performers. The guests in open chat remind me of a little kid around Xmas time: eager and excited to open their present and play with sheer bliss. Thank you Andi for another outstanding and enjoyable evening!

jacusa1: Well to the curiious and bold I have taken this time to support the review by ricamore that there is never a dull lacking moment in Andi Tower's chat room -- not only is this stud a great guy with playful chat but wow what a fuckin hot body on most nights support only a pair of low cut socks and an interesting pair of undies --- for those who missed some great bedtime story time it was your loss because it got into a frenzied orgie state and oo oo wow andi reacted totally to all the attention and chat action occuring in the room -- was hard to resist any temptation of just not letting loose all our male horny hormones and strip and jerk until explosive cum action happened on and off camera -- as the weekend was approaching the last several nights things were so hot and a couple of us studs really got Andi so turned on -- he treated us to showing off his bulging package (cock) and we got him so turned on he gave us a preview of his pre-nectur (cum) to savor so wild everyone got a chance to enjoy viewing it -- After several nights of playful and wild horny chat some serious private action was in order -- everyone was so sexually charged from the chat the night needed to end in one explosive cum session -- So I got the privilege or honor with my credits to take on this wild sexy hairy wild horny hairy STUD -- before you could count to two we were both fully naked at each end of the camera and WOW WOW WOW what happened in that private was no holds barred and the action melted the camera lense -- Andi was so sexually charged that his thick big monster cock bounced wildly before the camera as I took this hot stud on with some real hot dirty talk and action until the cum shot from his cock all over that sexy sweaty body -- left us both gasping for air not to mention all covered with cum -- Guess Andi deserved all this private attention from the horny chat room action and to celebrate his great news on a job front -- a mere 5 star rating doesn't even cum close to what happened in chat and private with Andi this week -- So stop by you curious ones and spend some time with this hot STUD and join in the action or theme topic of the night -- will leave you fully impressed and desiring some hot quality lusting with this GUY!!! Thanks to ricamore and me we made things very interesting especially with Andi on camera and willing to participate in the adventures of the night --

ricamore: Here I am writing another review--duh! The chat room was quite eventful and filled with explosive firearms. It was an open forum with everyone participating in some hot action with Andi. I have to give credit to jacusa1 with the collaboration of coming up with a theme night for our festivities. Collectively, we name this night Wild Wednesday's party: wild, curious and cumming. I hope more vievers will tune in and join in some fun that is shared already by loyal members. I may sound like a broken record but Andi truly is a wonderful person with a great heart and his ability to have a special connection with everyone is so endearing. Unleash that beast from within and join Andi for some heated action.

ricamore: There is never a dull moment hanging out in Andi's chat room. The unknown can sometimes take you by surprise and that is waht you experience with Andi. Best of luck with your new endeavor.

ricamore: The summer temperatures are nothing compared to the heat generated in Andi's chat room. There was enough heat to burn down a forest. The interaction with Andi and the members in the chat room became explosive from the gritty, filthy and very sexy colorful language. With all the excitement it was finally time for the show to end. Like they say time flies by when you're having fun.

ricamore: After a four day hiatus, the celebration awaits as Andi makes his appearance. He is certainly not one to disappoint and he was on point. I hope everyone has the opportunity to join Andi in his chat room because it is always filled with surprises. The feeling you get in the chat room can be compared to watching your favorite television program---you tune in for more. With the amount of traffic that occurs in Andi's chat room is evident of his popularity. Andi is the hidden treasure that we were fortunate to find.

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