Alexa Haze's Profile

Age: 24

Last Online: July 24, 2009

Languages: English, French

Location: The Big V

Likes: Get the chance to disciple Katie Spades, the princess of spanking who was on Howard Stern - check one of my pics and you'll ass me on the show - I am her!!! Get the chance to tell me what implements to use, how hard I should spank myself, and what you want me to. Let me know if you prefer to be called "sir" or "master," and force me to add more spanks and/or harder to your living. You can make me count the swats, which I certainly did a lot of when I made the videos and have to with my disciplinarian. Make me use anal discipline on myself, make me sit there with it in fora long time and if it comes out, force me to put it right back in and make me spank myself harder. I will listen and do whatever you tell me to do, I am very submissive. What doesn't turn me on is a shorter list :-). I have LOTS of toys, including dildos, vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, nipple clamps, and tons of naughty spanking implements for when I'm a bad girl. But I LOVE spanking and naughty fun... I love role/paly and can switched as I've worked as a profession Domme, but prefer being told what to do and have many spanking implements for you to punish me with. I have a double strap, a switch, a hair brush, straps with holes, a lac paddle, and a wooden heavy paddle which hurts the worst. I also have a cane and when I'm caned there are always tranmarks left because sometimes I'm so naughty. I love to roleplay and my favorite scenario is naughty/schoolgirl where I do something wrong and my teacher has too punish me. Sometimes he uses anal discipline where I have to have him put the butt plug in and make me stand in corner time and if it comes out, he puts it right back in and then spanks me harder while the plug is kept in place and the WORST thing is if it comes out during after corner time, he spanks me again so when he's not looking if it's slipping out I quickly get it back in but if he catches me I get spanked which so many implements that I cry really hard and even then he doesn't stop until he feels I've been spanked thoroughly. I'm also waiting for my nipple clamps to come and they didn't and I see Tuesday and if my nipple clamps don't come by then, I'm going to be in A LOT of trouble! Man, I hope they come in time or I will be spanked very hard with many implements, and for a LONG time. The nipple clamps came! Yes I won't be in trouble for that at least. I also LOVE pleasuring you... I love giving and receiving oral, anal, switching (being dominated and working as a pro domme. I also like hot wax candle play and have candles if you wish for me to put the wax on me for you. Oh and did I mention I love amazing sex!

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